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Process or Outcomes? Where Should we Focussing our Attention as Leaders with Mick Nelson

Do you ever find yourself caught up in the endless pursuit of perfection? Whether it's in your work, personal goals, or even hobbies, the pressure to achieve a flawless outcome can be overwhelming. This is especially true for those in the high-stakes world of sport, where coaches and athletes constantly grapple with the relentless demand for optimal performance.

But what if the key to unlocking your full potential lies not in fixating on the end result, but in embracing the journey itself?

The Huddle Leadership Podcast with Kate Russell & Mick Nelson
The Huddle Leadership Podcast with Kate Russell & Mick Nelson

In the very first episode of The Huddle Leadership Podcast, Olympic Coach Mick Nelson revealed a powerful insight – focusing on the process is often the true catalyst for success. This idea might seem counterintuitive, especially in a results-driven environment. However, as Mick explains, there's a liberating shift that happens for leaders when you detach from the outcome, and instead invest their energy into the day-to-day habits and actions that lead to growth.

Why does this matter?

Both athletes and coaches face immense pressure to win. Coaches, in particular, often feel the need to control every aspect of the game, believing that they hold the key to victory. This desire for control, however well-intentioned, can become a source of self-inflicted stress.

The truth is, no one can fully control the outcome of any situation. By relinquishing the impossible desire for perfect control and focusing instead on the things within your power – the training, the preparation, the open and supportive communication – you create a more empowering environment for yourself and your team.

By shifting your focus to the process you can:

  • Build resilience:  Facing challenges head-on and learning from them develops mental toughness.

  • Reduce anxiety:  Letting go of the need for immediate success creates more mental space for clarity and problem-solving.

  • Unlock creativity: Focusing on the "how" can lead to innovative strategies and better on-the-spot decision-making.

Dive deeper into Mick and Kate's insights on leaders, coaching and performance in the full podcast episode. Discover how prioritising the process can propel you towards achieving your goals with greater confidence and a more fulfilling experience along the way.

Download The Huddle Leadership Podcast and this episode, and a brand new episode every Monday! Find us on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

The Huddle Leadership Podcast with Kate Russell & Mick Nelson

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Brilliant thanks Kate. This echoes what I read at the weekend on What Makes Happiness?

It suggest working to improve ourselves and our abilities whether creative or otherwise and to pass this knowledge onto benefit others.

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