No more thinking,

“How do I fix this?”

You’ve hired the best people.

But you won’t get the best out of them if they feel undermined or they’re in constant conflict. 

Let’s change that.

Welcome to The Huddle

We specialise in conflict resolution, leadership development, workplace culture and happy teams.

No matter what business you’re running, you need to make sure everyone is on board. From team culture health checks, tailored team support programs and leadership coaching, right through to investigations and mediation let The Huddle Team handle the conflict.

We look after everything for you, and also work closely with you to ensure any change we implement is effective and sustainable. Our team cares deeply about your team. 

For us, it’s about building teams in a fun and engaging way, not boring you with powerpoints and handouts. To help us develop an individualised plan that suits the needs of your team, we do a ton of research, conduct interviews and get right to the heart of the issue. After that, it’s action all the way with our signature ‘Team Huddle’. In other words, your business is not just another project for us. It’s everything we do. It’s where our team gets job satisfaction.

And just as we focus on getting results for your team and leaders, we have the highest expectations for our own performance. As our past clients will tell you, we’ll go above and well beyond to maximise your return. 

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"We initially engaged Kate at The Huddle after a recommendation from a trusted colleague. Our design studio was working to integrate new staff members and also fine-tune our communication methods during periods of high workload. Kate worked with our team both collectively and individually, giving relevant and useful advice and counsel. We are now building a long term strategy to continue working with Kate and her team as we can see the immense value it provides to our business and our people."

Sarah Paddick
Architect, TotalSpace Design


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Meet our founder, Kate Russell

Kate is our fearless leader and the Director of The Huddle. She brings almost 20 years of experience as a conflict management specialist and team-building mentor and is also a qualified mediator, skilled workshop facilitator, confident and engaging speaker and author of Leaders Who Lead.

Working extensively with leaders and teams across many different industries and business sizes, Kate has supported hundreds of people to build high levels of trust, communicate effectively and reduce stress (both their own and within teams) to create safe and dynamic workplaces.

Kate has previously managed a variety of teams herself, mediated thousands of workplace disputes and served on statutory panels including the Social Security Appeals Tribunal, Public Housing Authority and Child Support Agency. 

In 2018, Kate published her first book, Leaders Who Lead: for leaders who love their teams. It’s a practical handbook for anyone wanting to be more effective as a leader. You can purchase a copy here.

Kate is passionate about building up teams, ensuring everyone gets a voice and finding time to strengthen their interpersonal relationships. She enjoys using her creative problem-solving skills to determine the best way to help organisations and teams to be more productive, effective and innovative.

As well as having a great sense of fun, Kate is sensitive to the needs of the group, likes to think outside the square and most importantly, is a fantastic listener.

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"We gained so much clarity in the short time Kate spent with us and we now feel so much closer as a team. A lot of it we have already been able to implement in our daily team communications which also helped to alleviate some of the stress of communicating online during COVID restrictions here in New Zealand."

Clare Houlbrooke
Principal Hydrogeologist, WGA

Meet the Huddle team

Kate Russell

Kate Russell


Julie Thorne

Julie Thorne

Account and Relationship Manager

Lucy Russell Byrne

Lucy Russell Byrne

Marketing Manager

Vashti Starling

Vashti Starling

Business Manager

Lorrie Beattie

Lorrie Beattie

Executive Assistant

Jaymee Koch

Jaymee Koch

Social Media Coordinator


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