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The OPEL Membership

A leadership program for middle and senior managers and leaders


Kicks off

14th May, 2024

6 spots available

Act now to secure your spot in the inaugural OPEL Coaching Program! With only 6 spots available in our BETA Group, this is your chance to benefit from our heavily discounted pricing. Enrollment closes at 5 PM on Friday, May 10th unless fully exhausted prior.

OPEL: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Leadership

Launching 14th May, 2024

We recognise that most people become leaders because they are good at something else. To get the most out of their teams, nearly all managers and leaders need coaching and support in a safe environment to develop their leadership skills.


Our program caters to those leaders who find themselves grappling with challenges such as setting boundaries, initiating difficult conversations, inspiring teams, effective delegation, providing constructive feedback, articulating a compelling vision, and holding others accountable.


We understand that the path to leadership excellence involves mastering these skills and more. This program focuses on tapping into each person’s strengths, encouraging curiosity at all times and taking ownership of issues so that they are easier to resolve.


It will provide coaching in all of these above areas plus more; and provide the participants with a safe space to share their stories, learn from each other and develop their leadership skills in a safe and supportive environment.


Best Value

OPEL Membership



Every month

+$800 On-Boarding Fee

As a member you’ll gain access to 15 months of group leadership development, events and more.

Valid for 15 months

Monthly Leadership Development Sessions

Social Learning in a Small Group Setting (max 12)

Exclusive Discounted Rates for 1:1 Training

Access to Online Resources

Regular Facilitator Check-ins

Ongoing Support from your Huddle Facilitator

All Essential Membership Inclusions

The Coaching Program inclusions

Individual Onboarding including a DISC assessment and 1-on-1 consultation with the Facilitator
3 x In-Person Events to connect and network with your cohort
15 x 90min Online Small Group Coaching Sessions (monthly) 
Access to a library of online tools for reference any time

Other Benefits of the Program

Increased Confidence as a leader
Access to Inner Circle Events, networking and social to grow your networks
Learn how to manage 'up' and 'down' more effectively
Increased ability to contribute to a positive workplace culture
Leaders having access to tools and insights to develop skills
Improved curiosity and judgement
Increase self awareness


One-Off Setup & Onboarding


We want to get to know every participant so that we can tailor the content to meet the needs of the group.

So we ask you to:

  • Complete a survey and a DISC assessment

  • Participate in a one-on-one (in person or via Zoom) to explore the survey results, plus DISC debrief.


(This process will take 1.5 hours)


(direct debited monthly)

This covers the 15 month Coaching Program with monthly touchpoints, and online support.

  • 15 x 90-minute monthly group coaching sessions held via Zoom (recorded)

  • Access to a library of online tools and membership of The Huddle Inner Circle

  • 3 x in-person social events for the group to get to know each other away

  • Small group (minimum group of 4 people, maximum group of 12 people)

  • Facilitated by an experienced Leadership Coach and tapping into the wisdom of the group

  • Discounted rates for any additional one-on-one coaching - (if required)

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Leadership
Join the OPEL Coaching Program at our special BETA price.

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