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At The Huddle, we’re here to help you build...

engaged and effective teams

Engaged +
Effective Teams

Assertive + Empathetic Leaders

Assertive +
Empathetic Leaders

Dynamic + Safe Workplaces

Dynamic +
Safe Workplaces

If managing people and performance was easy, there’d be no conflict in the workplace.

But neither of those things are true. Every workplace wants great people. But like anything worthwhile, managing teams can be a challenge. One that requires more than just an encouraging all staff email or springing for Friday night drinks. Without a proper plan in place and a path forward, all you’ll get is groundhog day. 

To achieve the capable, cohesive, caring team culture you’re after, you’ll need to change how your people work together. You’ll need to identify and alter the ingrained behaviours that are undermining your business results. Like the lack of teamwork, the high number of sick days, the office gossip, the buck-passing…

We can help get your team back on track. With our tailored ‘Team Huddles’, leadership coaching and mediation services, you’ll be able to identify what’s been holding your organisation back, and how to resolve the issues within your team. Best of all, you’ll foster the workplace environment and people culture that’s good for your business.  

Building the best team might not be easy. But it’s 100% worth it.

Our team makes it easy for you to support your team 


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First, we stop, drop and take a moment to catch our breath

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Then we hydrate and eat some juicy oranges

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It’s time to thank individuals and the team for their efforts

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This is where we acknowledge the team’s good work, give specific praise and talk up the whole team

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Now we review what’s working well and strategise about what to do next

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If someone is underperforming you, pull them aside and address that separately 

When we come into a ‘Huddle’ we stand with our teammates, we look to the coach for direction, we listen closely and then follow the plan. We always respect the needs and well-being of every person on our team. We make sure leaders and team members really hear one another. We make time for fun. This is how we kick goals. 

Shoulder to shoulder, we’ll work with your team to bring out their best.

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