Building leaders and teams

At The Huddle, we help businesses create safe and dynamic workplaces. 

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Workplace Conflict Resolution

We provide conflict resolution services for workplaces. 

We take a holistic, caring and non-judgmental approach to managing conflict. We apply a strengths based approach to problem solving.

We only use mediation in exceptional circumstances; instead we work with the leader and the team to identify systemic issues which can then be addressed.

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Stress Management Workshop

50 years' worth of professional, therapeutic and neuroscientific experience delivered to you in one half-day event 

The science, the practice and the art of stress reduction 

A dynamic workshop about how to reduce your stress levels created for time-poor leaders. 

50 years' worth of professional, therapeutic and neuroscientific experience delivered to you in one half-day event

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Bek Smith 
Mental Fitness Coach and Psychology Educator

Mel Gibson
Email Efficiency Expert

Bel Ryan 
Psychotherapist and Art Therapist


For Leaders Who Love Their Team

Drawing from her extensive experience as a mediator and conflict expert, Kate has developed a model which identifies how to create a harmonious and thriving workplace.

In Leaders Who Lead, you will discover that to get the most out of our teams we need to focus on our team’s strengths and all the good work that they do. People need to be appreciated, trusted and respected and it's the leader's responsibility to set this standard.

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Managing Underlying Conflict in Family Business

May 03, 2021

Keep Your Options Open

Apr 14, 2021

Are you easily triggered?

Apr 14, 2021

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Kate Russell



With over 30 years’ experience as a mediator and facilitator, Kate has seen it all; having worked with people from all walks of life. In this podcast Kate interviews people from various industries to find out how conflict presents itself in their workplaces; how do they deal with that conflict and the associated stress. This is a down to earth exploration of conflict in our lives and identifies some of the ways in which we can deal with it.

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Felice Shrimplin

Operations Manager, Comace


"Kate’s warmth and authenticity immediately dissolves any barriers in the room, and she earns the trust of everyone involved.

She has such a clear understanding of what makes people tick, and her real-life stories stimulate engagement and reflection within the group. I truly believe our team is much better connected and certainly inspired from the time they spent with Kate." 

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