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At The Huddle, we understand that conflict is a natural part of any workplace. However, unresolved conflict can create stress, hinder productivity, and damage team morale.

Our workplace mediation services provide a safe, neutral space for open communication and constructive dialogue, empowering your team to address disagreements and find lasting solutions.
Deeper understandings between colleagues
We'll delve beneath the surface of the conflict, exploring the underlying causes, unspoken needs, and differing perspectives that contribute to the disagreement.

This deeper understanding lays the groundwork for empathy, collaboration and higher performance across the team.
Improved Communication
We'll create a safe space where everyone feels comfortable expressing their thoughts and feelings openly and honestly.
Team members will learn valuable communication skills, such as active listening, assertive expression, and respectful dialogue, which can be applied to future interactions.
Established Common Ground
Together, we'll identify shared interests and explore creative solutions that meet everyone's needs.

We'll facilitate a collaborative problem-solving process that empowers your team to develop mutually agreeable resolutions that address the root causes of the conflict.
Stronger Relationships

Through the mediation process, you'll have the opportunity to repair trust, rebuild rapport, and foster a more positive and collaborative work environment.


This renewed connection can lead to improved teamwork, increased productivity, and a more harmonious workplace culture.

You can expect...

The Huddle's Mediation Services are for...

Casual Meeting

The Huddle Difference

Our skilled and compassionate mediators are trained in conflict resolution techniques and bring an empathetic, impartial approach to every situation.
We work collaboratively with your team to identify the root causes of conflict, facilitate open communication, and guide you towards mutually agreeable resolutions.
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Book a Strategy Call with Huddle Facilitator

Not sure what the next step looks like for your specific needs?

Think of this Strategy Call as our first point of contact, where we can understand you and your business – the challenges you face and what resolution looks like.


We're here to listen and offer a way forward, drawing on years of experience with people and teams. You will leave the 45min call feeling heard, and with a plan of attack.

Perfect for leaders, executives, HR professionals, and team managers ready to move forward.

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