Is your team struggling?

management Jun 04, 2021

 It can be overwhelming when our team is not going well - when there is lots of negative talk, blame and gossip.

As a leader, you might feel very responsible for how your team is travelling.

It can feel like a lost cause.

But it's not. 

We work with lots of teams that are struggling and we are able to turn them around so that all of the team members care about each other, have each other’s backs and become productive again.  The leader feels more empowered and the team have the skills to cope with difficult and stressful days or big workloads.

But it takes a bit of time. There is no magic wand that can turn around a negative culture in a period of a week.

What do we do?

We listen.  We meet with all of the team members one-on-one and we listen.

We humanise everyone in the team by helping the team understand how they react when they are stressed.

We use DISC assessments to help everyone in the team understand each other’s behavioural and communication styles.

We work closely with the leader to ensure that they are supported and to provide them with a sounding board.

We build trust by not breaching confidentiality.

When we are ready, we hold a Team Huddle and we, as a team, work out what 'good' looks like.

We provide the team with the tools to more confidently deal with conflict and to manage their personal and team stress.

We stay the distance.

And it works.


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